A New Approach

Do you have a horse, mule, or donkey who is difficult to handle?  A patient who "hates the vet," or which other DVM's have refused to see?

We introduce you to Veterinary Horsemanship--our unique approach to handling patients.  Time and again, we've used 5 minutes of simple horsemanship instead of 5 minutes waiting for sedation to kick in, and the experience is a win for all involved.  Less drug for your horse.  Less stress for your horse.  Satisfaction for you as you see how well behaved your animal actually is, and a sheer kick in the pants for us because we're passionate about this method!

In addition to using Veterinary Horsemanship everyday on the job, we will also be offering workshops to teach these methods to YOU.  

Our next scheduled workshop brings behavior experts from Train With Trust to our local area, beginning August 16th, 2019.  Get tickets today! to reserve your spot. 


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "She has always been there for us. She is forever in my thoughts as the best vet. She saved our hours old filly from certain death. She knew exactly what to do in an instant after just seconds in seeing her. We are forever in your debt...thank you!"
    Barbara T.
  • "Thank you Dr Mertens for such a thoughtful and careful job with our sweet Daisy the Donkey this morning! She is well on her way to health again after that abscess!"
    Suzi R.