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Our Staff is dedicated to finding the best match between your horse's particular needs and veterinary medicine's limitless possibilities.

Kath Mertens, DVM—Veterinarian; Practice Owner

Dr. Mertens earned her DVM from the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2000, and also holds a degree in English from Harvard.

Kath's interest in horses has taken her across the ocean and the continent, working at internships in Ireland and France and hitting the trails in Long Island, NY; Wyoming, Montana, and now Oregon.   She is a dedicated student of the horse and enjoys studying equines from both a medical and horsemanship perspective. Her primary riding interests are back-country trail riding, three day eventing, and dressage.

Kath enjoys leisure time with her son and their black Labrador, Makai, and a recently adopted cat. She also enjoys training her 10 yro OTTB mare, Luna; reading, writing, long-distance running, and yoga.

Makai--Vet Dog

Many clients are delighted to see that lab work is available wherever Dr. Mertens might travel--expert endorsed Black Labrador Work, that is.  (We also provide the other kind.)

Rest assured that she will not exit the vehicle at your farm unless she has your permission!

Makai, age 10, is trained to stay right where she's pictured: perched and waiting to give love and tail wags to any approaching friends from the barn.  In our newest rig, she's usually found in the cab of the pick up, but her moral support functions remain unchanged.

She has been Vet Dog since the age of 8 weeks and considers it a career goal.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "She has always been there for us. She is forever in my thoughts as the best vet. She saved our hours old filly from certain death. She knew exactly what to do in an instant after just seconds in seeing her. We are forever in your debt...thank you!"
    Barbara T.
  • "Thank you Dr Mertens for such a thoughtful and careful job with our sweet Daisy the Donkey this morning! She is well on her way to health again after that abscess!"
    Suzi R.