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The end of a domestic mammal's life is a profound experience shared by owner and animal. Sometimes the need for euthanasia is clear, as in the case of acute, severe accidental injury.  But in cases of chronic decline in the animal's quality of life, it is often difficult for owners to decide "when is the right time."

Our job regarding euthanasia is to assess the medical condition and prognosis for the animal, and advise whether or not euthanasia is an appropriate choice.

Our policy is that for a euthanasia to proceed there must be clear communication between veterinarian and owner(s), and mutual agreement as to why the procedure has been chosen. While this transparency is optimal for any aspect of medical treatment, it is critical for the act of taking a life.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "She has always been there for us. She is forever in my thoughts as the best vet. She saved our hours old filly from certain death. She knew exactly what to do in an instant after just seconds in seeing her. We are forever in your debt...thank you!"
    Barbara T.
  • "Thank you Dr Mertens for such a thoughtful and careful job with our sweet Daisy the Donkey this morning! She is well on her way to health again after that abscess!"
    Suzi R.